Saturday, January 25, 2014

My dream wedding!

Assalamualaikum and Salam A'laik

It has been a long time I didnt write anything here, Im just uploaded a bunch of picture to make sure my baby Blog didnt feel lonely bhahaha

Okey focus

Last year was my busy year (starting from July till December) Preparing for a new job (as you know Im a Teacher in Sarawak) and also busyy preparing for my BigWedding day! wotwot! So basicly I do have a wishlist about what Im gonna do on my wedding day! emmm does everyone have their own wishlist?

My Planning
1. To make my veryyy own Dress (a plain of jubah with no makeup)
2. To make my own pelamin (Planning not to have aktiviti persandingan, just a place to capture a picture with families and friends)
3. To have a wall of picture about us (dari kecik sampai besaq)
4. Wear a niqab
4. etc etc ( Forgot)

' Tapi kita merancang Allah juga ada perancangannya'

None of the list become true,  bhahaha... But despite of all, everything were done by my parents and lovely sisters when I was away million miles from home! mashaAllah you guys do a goodjob bravo! I felt so overwhelming with all the result although I didnt get a chance to make my wishlist become real hoho

its okey I will apply to my children later :) Sorry babies Mommy have a plan to you

Pengantin baru

 Oh here some of the pictures on my wedding


 Wedding dress on my side (sewa tak sempat nak buat) khayalan tinggal angan-angan ;P
But the dress is so nicee. Everyone like it! Except the make up -__-
To be honest I really dont like my makeup on my side.
so THICK and the worst I look so GARANG!

My Baju Nikah (Bought it at Jalan TAR, FirstLady Boutique)
 I change the original kain with my mom's songket (masa dia nikah)
Im so in love with my baju nikah+tudung+veil+songkek
Felt like Im using mom's things

The back bone on my Wedding Day
Le Raha's Family


Can you see my mom smile.
mashaAllah !

May Allah reward you mak :)

tTo be Continue


  1. Salam 'alaykum Shakira.

    I met you at the driving school in Manjung few years back, not sure whether you remember me or not, hehe. I'm so happy to know that you're now married. :D

    Barakallahu feekum! May Allah showers your marriage with His blessings and happiness, till jannah. :)

  2. Wsalam
    MashaAllah thanks for the du'a and wishes, me love you :) Oh macam mane bolee terjumpa kat blog pulak ni? woww impresss hihihi